Last night, I purchased NFS:MW for the Wii U. I get up there, and of course they ask “You know this is for Wii U right?” And I of course say “Yes.” The guy then says to his work buddy, “I found the one guy with a Wii U.” And they shared a douchey high five. I ignored it and carried on with purchasing the game and drove home.

I get home and the game doesn’t work.

The next day I return to the same exact GameStop and tell them there is a problem. Same guy helps me. “Are you sure your console isn’t an original Wii model?” I said that I was 100 percent sure. “Well that’s what happens when you get a crappy console at launch buddy.” I ignored it thinking that this would be what I would get out of Gamestop employees. I asked about my options. He said I could either go to the other local Gamestop, exchange for a different Wii U game, or get in store credit. I asked why I couldn’t just exchange it for a different copy there. “Well we only carry one copy of each Wii U game since nobody ever buys them.” I was wondering if he was being serious and asked if I could get Monster Hunter instead. He said that’s the only game anyone had bought in a while. So I was out of luck. I told him to call the other gamestop and ask them to hold it. He tried to deny doing it by saying “Don’t worry, nobody is going to buy it” while laughing.

He finally called and told them to hold it. When I walked out he started screaming “WIIU WIIU WIIU” like an alarm or something.

I went to the other gamestop and got things settled quick, no comments.

I’m speaking with the manager of the other store tomorrow. I’m not gonna deal with smart a$$ remarks while trying to simply return a game.