I hate those commercials

they remind me of this one time I went and got drunk with a girl and we went to her dorm room and I was like maybe I’ll finally lose my virginity but then I went in her room and the walls were covered in anime wallscrolls and harry potter posters but I was like ok I can deal with this and then we drank some more and I noticed she had a bookshelf with like a dozen girls gone wild videos and I was like whats with that and she was like I’m a lesbian and I was like oh and then she was like you want to know a secret and I was like yeah and she leaned in close to my face and said I have herpes and I was like oh… what kind? and she was like ummmmm genital and ummmmm oral and I was like oh so anyway we sat on her bed and drank some more and then she started telling me about how she had been molested by her dad