I have a dream ( Reminds you of Martin Luther King, don’t I?). As controversial as I think this is going to be, I shall express my dream here, on this virtual land, manifestation of MY reality.

I hope that one day, governments of all the most mature countries would give swords the equal respects they are giving guns today. That people are allowed to wear swords as accessories as long as the swords are wrapped in cloth to prevent potential bloodshed. That governments recognises the general sensibility and maturity of the common man not to draw his sword in public. That swords become the most popular accessories next to earrings. That men and women alike embrace their swords as if they were assets.

As I close my eyes, I visualise it: People walking on busy streets, wearing a sword or two tied to their belts or waist.Some carry them on their back, like the main character of Bleach, Kurosaki Ichigo. Those who do not wear swords admire sword-lovers for a while and walk calmly past them, as if it was normal, common, uninteresting. This goes on, under bright sunlight or cape of night.