I mainly suffered from social isolation. It’s very difficult to face the following situation every day: I sat alone, feeling very lonely and sad, while my classmates, sitting right next to me, happily discussed all the cool things they did on the weekend. There was harassment, too: The most creative thing my main bully did was when he volunteered to edit a home video from a class trip. I never managed to watch the whole thing, but I remember one scene in which the camera pans from him and best buddies, smiling, waving and giving a thumbs up, having the time of their life, to me standing awkwardly at the edge of a ravine, looking down it with a sad facial expression on my face. He perfected the moment with a voiceover in his best sarcastic laughter: “Noooo Less Is Definitely! Don’t jump!” This video was later copied for every pupil in the class and their parents. He managed to use a clip of a moment where I actively contemplated suicide to mock me and had this edit copied for everyone in class. Guy wanted me to kill myself. I could add other harassment stories from my schooldays, but I don’t think any of them will top this.