Everything was perfect, we fell in love quickly. We moved in together and started a life. We got married. However recently I found out some very troubling information. He lied about having children. He has a child in foster care system and a child in another state that he hasn’t paid child support for. He told me he was in the marines, but he never was. He told me he was never married…he is and currently not officially divorced from her. When looking into his past, I found out he declared bankruptcy and he had several counts of domestic abuse against him. When confronted about all of this he admitted it was true.

Not only the lies, but I have found out he has used my bank account and written over 4 grand of bad checks. He went to rent a center and used my name to get I-Pads and then sold them. He said he had been paying my car bill but never did. He’s used my name to open up other accounts, and as far as I know…hasn’t paid anything.

He’s extremely manipulative. I want to leave him and start over. He won’t let me have the car and says since we are married it is his car, too. He won’t let me work, so I can’t save up money to move out of this situation.

I feel stuck and there is no one I can really turn to at this point since I moved out of state. I guess my question is…how can I get out of this? Legally and emotionally?