I took an Ambien last night because I work overnights, needed to sleep during the night on my day off, and a friend left a few at my place.

I came back to around seven pm yesterday sitting in my recliner, without my phone ,and I had five small pizzas on the ground beside me. I found my phone in my car but I haven’t gone through it yet to see what the damage was, but if it was in my car… It’s not looking good. I’m at work now but expect an update in around five hours

e: Okay, so I’ve had time to go through my phone and talk to a few people and see wtf happened, so far from what I understand I:

1. Never drove anywhere, thank god. I went into my car to get a CD and left my phone down there by mistake, from what I can tell. My gas tank looks about the same as it was and the CD that was in there is now in my computer, that’s all.
2. Ordered five small pizzas from Dominos. At 3:30am. Apparently I really wanted pizza for later on that day.
3. ALLEGEDLY sent a snapchat to everybody in my contact list that was a shirtless picture of myself, drawn up with a big red nose and red hair, with the caption “do you wanna get down with the c;own.” I do have a whole list of sent items, but the person who let me know about this also likes to fuck with me, so I dunno if that was really what I sent. Does anybody know if you can check sent snapchats?
4. Texted my brother about “weed tea” I was making. There is a cup in the sink filled with water, and all my weed poured into it (Only about $10 worth). I don’t have a tea kettle. Or mugs. Or teabags–it was literally just weed in water.
5. I came out of the closet to my parents. In a text message. I already did this like four months ago, in person. I guess I forgot?

And apparently I was posting on the forums the entire time this stuff was going on, and everything is coherent and looks like something I’d type while awake and sober, but I barely remember any of them.

Ambien is scary

e: I also downloaded 100 gigs of porn, it seems