I have PTSD from primary school. Its literally impossible for me to get over it. Sure, I can pull myself together and try and move on but all it takes is a little push and I’m back to being a scared 7 year old hiding so I don’t get beaten. Its not possible for many people to move on which is why you get people like the dude in the OP.

I was bullied at school from grades 1 to 5, and I’m still bullied by my father. I have PTSD. I know what you are feeling, I’ve felt like that before. I agree with you, I see my tormentors fairly regularly at the supermarket and it takes a lot out of me to stop me charging at them and just causing them pain. I was force fed a turd at age 9. Its embarrassing to admit that but that’s my background. The best part was when I realised the school didn’t do anything because they made more in enrolments off the bullies than me.