I was at the grocery store and only had food  stamps to buy my food that month. I’m standing behind a thin food stamp user who has cookies, chips, soda and all sorts of junk while I have pastas, red meats, mashed potatoes and a whole assortment of food (maybe not the healthiest but still better than chips and sodas). And I got oreos (my weakness).

The clerk spent the time checking my stuff out telling me that “I’m too fat for oreos.” She then proceeded to take them off the line and not ring them up. So of course I argued. When the manager came up because she called him. She told him I was being a rude and unreasonable customer. I calmly explained what she had done with my oreos, and she said to him, “I didn’t do anything wrong, she clearly doesn’t need them.”

He then fired her, rang up my oreos, and gave me my whole purchase for free.