this isnt even a fakepost. i mentioned it on SA. but when i was around 11 or possibly 12 the episode where bulma and vegeta begin their relationship was broadcast in my country. i immediately sunk in a deep deep depression. the first time i had been betrayed by a woman. not just any woman. the woman of my dreams. dont say a 2d girl cant hurt you. they can. take it from me. i swear to god this next part isnt a fakepost: i got so upset by this stopped playing with friends and developed irregular sleep patterns, i started failing classes in school, i refused to talk to anyone about why i was acting this way but it just got worse. i wouldnt do anything except sit on the front porch and when people tried to talk to me i would just mumble. i was so withdrawn that the school actually though i was being molested lol. my parents couldnt get me to say why i was acting liek this since i refused to tell them the real reason. as a result i was sent to a psychyatrist who also failed to coax the reason for my behavior out of me and diagnosed me with depression, anxiety, schizotypal disorder, and bi polar disorder all at serperate times. i spent almost my entire adolescence overmedicated on any number of drugs. ssri’s benzos, anti psychotics like thorazine and seroquel, depakote. you name it. as a result i developed an addiction to benzodiazapenes that i have to this day and it probably primed my adolescent brain to be receptive to addictive substatnces which is alos why ive struggled with heroin and alchoholism intermittently for most of my life/ none of this is made up. im not fake posting. this all really happened and it happened because of anime