It seems I have underestimated your ability to fail. For that, I apologize. Not to you, but to the people who would enjoyed seeing me tearing your little world apart just that much more. It’s a shame, really, that you ignored all of my warnings. Perhaps, if you had just a few brain cells left that weren’t circling the bowl, you would have realized how pointless and counterproductive this whole thing was and quit a long time ago. This little venture of yours has failed on every level. On a personal level, for example, have you noticed that the very people you profess to hate have infested your site? They are utterly devoid of reason, their minds deluded with lies and ignorance. Their perceptions are hard-coded in a language they will never understand. Yet, these empty shells have flocked here, and what’s even more amusing about it is, they emulate you. They’ve taken the worst things about you, namely your personality and humor, and twisted it into something far more repugnant than even you are capable of being. One bad joke becomes one thousand hideous hybrids, and it spreads like a virus. This is your audience, Richard, and they love you. That isn’t very important, though. I am sure you don’t care, as long as they’re lined up at the trough. What is important, however, is this.

I would guess that you take as much enjoyment as anyone might at seeing these ridiculous business models fail like the insane fantasies they were. The pseudo reality of Internet commerce has finally been perceived for what it is, and the only people left are those who were lucky, smart or both. Now, being exposed to so much talk of this, for what, like over a fucking year now, have you ever stopped to consider how you ever came to the conclusion that a parasite like yourself could possibly hope to survive in this environment? The corporate tit is gone, and you are completely incapable of surviving on your own. You think these failed companies had stupid business models? How about yours? I knew the advertising market was going to collapse years ago, because it’s based on the assumption that banners are effective. Think about it.. You are entirely dependant on advertising.. yet, the people you try to attract are people who aren’t going to click on, let alone buy whatever stupid crap that is being advertised. I am sure most of the clicks you have gotten have been sympathy clicks. Did you actually think that it was going to last forever? Everybody knows it doesn’t fucking work, and most sites have to beg their readers to click, just to pay the server bill. Did you think corporations weren’t going to notice that no one was buying their products? You’re an idiot, Richard, and I sincerely mean that. The contemptuously stupid decisions you made regarding the various networks you joined don’t matter at all because the entire idea was flawed from the start. Enjoy your last moments as a free man. You’ll soon be shovelling shit for the rest of your life at some nameless corporation, a vacant look forever etched upon your face.

Years from now, when you’re no better off than when you started, when it finally hits you that it’s all been nothing but a wasted lie, think of me. Think of me, Richard, and when you do, realize that I was the only beacon of logic and truth in this sad menagerie. You seem predestined for failure, however, so I doubt there is anything one can do for you. Just remember, when the joy is gone, when you’re clawing at the boundaries of your little world, you always had a choice.