I’ve happened across a completely blind woman who is smoking hot and clearly takes care of herself physically. I’ve been redpilling for a while now and had a good amount of success (particularly with day game). I met this girl pulling one of my usual day stunts, she was sat alone eating something outside a coffee shop on a sunny day. Cue some line and asking to join her. I didn’t realise she was blind until after I’d started talking to her and (though shamefully, I began to think “exit strategy”) none of the subconscious signals I usually work on sending were available to me from that point.

Now, on the one hand it occurred to me that this woman might actually be the perfect beta wife. She doesn’t know what an alpha male looks like. She doesn’t give a shit if you dress well, because she can’t tell anyway. On the other hand, keeping this woman’s attention away from dismissing me is one of the hardest “game” situations I’ve had for a while.

I’m having a hard time approaching this from a logical perspective, as her perception of the world is not something I have ever seen. We exchanged numbers and I’m planning on meeting her again, but how do you apply tactics when this woman doesn’t know she’s smoking hot in the looks department, or the physical aspect of mate selection from her point of view.

I’m completely stumped, other than my own avenue of success which was to make her laugh a lot.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I know TRP deals with what’s applicable to the masses on a statistical or anecdotal evidence, but this has presented an interesting conundrum.