Was not a picture of animal sex, or bestiality (except possibly in your mind, not my fault, and I dont like being punished for stuff that isnt my fault.)

The picture fails to be bestiality because there were no humans involved. It also fails as animal sex, as the animal was clearly not aroused in any way. There was monkey penis, and I (incorrectly) assumed that being thumbnailed was good enough, as you really couldn’t see the penis at that size.

Once again, there was no fellatio (except in your own imagination, please seek help for that instead of taking it out on us.) For what its worth, I assumed the the monkey in the previous post was laughiing from being tickled, not foreplay. I know that monkeys groom each other, but I dont know that they even engage in foreplay.

I will not re-post that image, but I would request that you put it back, in linked form, like I should have done. I am also requesting that you edit any all posts claiming that I posted or enjoy bestiality, and your false comment about the picture I posted.

I will not ask you to examine the photograph, as you seem particularly sensitive to naked animals, however, I would ask that you get an unbiased opinion from someone that is not so sensitive.

Do not worry about me posting in your forum any more, with the exception of clearing up your lies, I no longer have any desire to read or post in PYF.

I do think you owe me an apology, and $10

E: It looks like you also owe me plat and my LOL image back.