Actual content: Most cats can be rebooted. If you’ve ever had to deal with a cat who wanted to mess with something, they can be pretty persistant in trying to get at it after you hide it. Solution: Reboot the cat. Basically, you have to give it a handful of stimuli too fast for it to process them without forgetting what it was doing. For most cats I’ve had, that’s about three things. My usual process: Pick the cat up, blow in its face, drop it (not like throwing it, just let it down pretty fast), then snap your fingers once on each side of its head.

If this works, the cat will just sit there for a few seconds, then maybe lick itself, and walk off. It will not go back to trying to do what it was doing. If it does, add another step to the process, and you’ll probably have something that works for that cat. Most cats, it seems to be 3-4 items, though.

(This may not sound useful, but seriously, it has been a HUGE win for me.)