In the early 2000s i neglected my only friend because i was playing counter strike all the time. He would come over and i was just playing counter strike and he would sit on my bed and watch me play it. I wore headphones too so he was discouraged from speaking to me because each time he spoke id have to say what and turn around and uncup one ear and hed have to repeat himself. I guess eventually he decided a good way to solve this problem would be to take an interest in my interest and start playing cs too. He wasnt one to play video games but he had a capable enough PC so i told him id teach him to play. The first time we played together i told him it was really important to enter ‘bind W kill’ (or whatever command it was that killed yourself) in the console. He did and so of course every round hed died every time he tried to move. He didnt know what to do. He was like how do i fix this john. And i was like damn i have no clue, what a mystery. He never made the connection between the console command and his dying over and over. After ten or so rounds of watching himself die he decided it was broken and stopped playing and talking to me.