I will describe their horrible crimes.

1. For almost 10 years they’re refusing to help me find a girlfriend, thus causing unimaginable pain and damage to me. There are numerous ways in which they could help me, like introducing me to daughters of their co-workers or asking my relatives for help but they did not do so because they’re murderous idiots who live in the 70s/80s and think it’s easy to find a girlfriend if you want one.

They’re simply murdering their child (using the following mechanism :1 . I am left without a gf/sex 2. Which makes me unable to fulfill my basic needs 3. Which makes me depressed and hopeless 4. Which destroys my will to live 5. Which makes me suicidal

2. They’re refusing to co-sign my appeals to government and various institutions for over 5 years because they fail to see it’s the only way, thus weaking their impact.

3. My mother, the murderous whore, is refusing to have sex with me when that could alleviate my sexual frustration.

4. When, in righteous indignation, I finally attacked those beasts and managed to beat the shit out of them I was the one that was reported to the police, and not these murderous animals. Only good they ever did was that they later refused to testify against me.

In any country with a normal legal system sensitive to needs of incels these criminals would be prosecuted long ago and in some countries their crimes would be punished by the death penalty. However, here they’re allowed to run free and go on commiting their heinous crimes. Though the police have been informed about their attempts to murder their child they haven’t done anything I was actually threatened with arrest for consuming police resources.

Their murderous behavior goes on. For how long, I ask?