my younger brother is also a budding failson. she has 4 or 5 separate sets of crockery but usually doesnt have enough for more than 2 people to eat at a time because there are anything up to 30 plates in his bedroom that are sitting on the floor with mold growing all over them. every few months he asks for some kind of expensive gadget and she agrees to buy it on condition that he lets her clean his room. he doesnt even do it himself. he just sighs and yells about what an inconvenience it is to him, and that he was going to do it soon anyway. the process takes all day and she disinfects everything multiple times with boiling water before running it through the dishwasher. last time he left an upturned pizza on the floor for so long that the carpet had to be replaced. she paid for his grotesque on line girlfriend to visit from another country hoping that it would spur him to live like a human being but all that happened was their combined fatness broke his bed and she broke up with him immediately upon leaving. he sleeps on an uncovered mattress on the floor which has a large brown smear on it. the dog has a similar arrangement but his bed looks and smells much better.