It was at this point that I realized there was no way I would be able to fall asleep. My roommate and I both sit in my room and begin to have one of the best conversations we have had in a while. We discuss everything from why I am still a virgin to how we could change the world. It was probably the most enlightening moment I have had in a while. We once again redose and the cramps begin to settle in. At this point I lost track of how many times I had dosed but I felt so great that it did not matter. I did not even care that I had to be a work in a few hours. We redose again… why wouldn’t we..?

I think of myself as one of the most responsible neuro-chemical researchers out there, well above average Intelligence Quotient, I have an uncanny ability to deny myself administration of even the most addictive substances, I have tried every chemical that sounded even remotely interesting that I could get my hands and nose on in the past, excluding crack, herion and other potent opiates and NEVER, EVER have I lost control of what I would describe of as my soul like that which was induced, by this evil evil powder known as MDPV (Molecular Demonic Poison eVil), I’m not even exaggerating (Now taking a break to recompose myself and hopefully regain musclular control to finish typing this, without mistyping every word and having to hit backspace after every word, which so far I have mispelled and retyped just about every single word I have typed, and the ones that are still misspelled are because I tried to retype them once or more and gave up, lol) . . . (Okay took a 2 hour break, meditated, took a ton of supplements, ate, drank water and I do feel a little bit better, and have better typing)