in the past you had a beard, and you stood around listing shps, or possibly walls, and who build the walls and why. people were really stupid back then, and thought beards Signified in a special french way, and walls were magical? because everyone was arab and lived in a swamp. and people would listen to you, with their arab swamp stink, because you knew the secret of te wall, and had a beard. also you probably had a gay lute, made out of Cats. but Capitalism has changed all that. now you have to pay exhorbitant sums to remove your beard, because they no longer SSignify, but also walls are no longer magical things people sing gay songs about in various forms of verse. most people understand walls and their construction, in fact if you think about it you might even say, wwe have wall–aournd our souls. it’s pretty heavey to think about, much like the first song off classic 1999 album “the soft bulletein” from the flaming lips. yours –lyle