23 Feb 12 – Two prisoners sat in the same seat. They combined into a stack of two prisoners and were then carried into the storage room.

29 Feb 12 – A sleeping prisoner got angry because he was hungry, and started punching the toilet next to his bed whilst still asleep.

1 Mar 12 – Loaded a saved game, and every prisoner was suddenly carrying a power drill. Pretty sure they didn’t have them before.

8 Mar 12 – A prisoner decided he needed a weapon for defence. So he broke into the kitchen and stole the sink.

9 Mar 12 – Now prisoners are actually forming queues outside the kitchen in order to steal knifes.

13 Mar 12 – A prisoners rap sheet showed he’d gotten into a fight with JailDoorLarge. Probably should only log fights with people.

27 Mar 12 – Prisoner with a knife, fighting guard. Sees jail keys nearby and drops knife, grabs keys instead. Then resumes fighting.

1 Apr 12 – My prisoner is shackled and locked in the solitary confinement wing. And yet at lunch he still tries to walk to the canteen.

2 Apr 12 – Prisoners who finish their allotted time in solitary confinement simply get up and walk out. Who makes these locks.

4 Apr 12 – A prisoner guilty of fighting was cuffed, escorted to solitary and locked in. Only problem is he was dead.

4 Apr 12 – Showers now appear to spray blood.