I got to university the other morning and in the courtyard in front of the library there was an unconscious girl on the ground. An ambulance had parked itself nearby, the paramedics had set up some sort of monitoring equipment, and a foil-blanket of sorts was draped over the girl’s body. Blood was dripping from her head and nose, and her friend was squatting next to her, in tears, clutching a mobile phone in her hand.

I asked the squatting-girl what was wrong, but she didn’t look at me. The paramedics shuffled around me to get more equipment out of the ambulance, and I asked her again what happened to her friend. No answer.

Then you’ll never guess what happened. Her phone started to ring, and it played the theme to Welcome Back Kotter. It was an MP3 file or something, it had the words and everything. Anyway, she wasn’t answering it. She was just hunched over, staring at her friend, and crying. I thought I’d lighten the mood a bit so I sang a few bars. I must have sang it pretty loudly, because the old paramedic lady glared at me for a bit, and then told me to stop singing.

I didn’t mean to, but I completely burst out laughing. The whole situation just seemed so absurd. In hindsight, though, laughing was probably a bit insensitive.