I would like to explain the situation and the hostility against Anita Sarkeesian and her Kickstarter.

Many of us who have been called trolls do not identify with real people. Accusations of workplace discrimination are meaningless to us. We’ve discarded petty pursuits such as trying to win the rat race, or even women.

We are hikkomori. To us, real women are irrelevant and 2D love is superior. Games (which are more simulations, actually) have already become complex enough to simulate beings that can love and give us affection. The three dimensional world is meaningless to us and for the most part, we leave it alone.

However, Sarkeesian crossed that line. Before I get into that, allow me to explain something.

Amongst those who have rejected 3D, we jokingly call real people “3DPD” (3D; pig disgusting) and use the Japanese word “waifu” to represent our fictional, simulated love interests.

Sarkeesian, again crossed that line. She insulted our waifus. This is why she was attacked ruthlessly. This is why 4chan was involved for the most part. Many of us hikkomori saw this as a needless assault of 3DPD attacking 2D and our very reason to exist. Most of us did NOT care about feminism until this line was crossed.

We realize that feminism wishes to eradicate the only thing that brings us happiness in this world that has rejected us. People like Anita picked the wrong people to mess with, and it wasn’t men out in the real world, it was innocent hikkomori who would have otherwise left you alone.

If you wish to learn more about the people who oppose you, simply read the news or even Wikipedia.