seriously, you might think that shit’s funny. it’s not. not even a little bit.

I can already tell that most of you I’m going to hate for some time.

I can’t wait until the first goon-con that I’m around for, so I can go, and personally beat the shit out of those of you I don’t like.

you might think I’m some nerd or old fat guy who sits at his computer all night, but you’ll see when I ram my fist down your throat.

And, I already know that you’ll reply with some lame ass response, trying to make yourself look funny. But, at least it’ll just make you look like a jackass.

Then, someone will probably quote you, and say that you’re cool, and I’m stupid, or something completely retarded like that.

It doesn’t really matter who posts what. You’re all a bunch of fucking n!ggers, and you can all burn in fucking hell. Seriously.

I like these forums, but 0 of the people on it. You’re all maladjusted teens with no bedtimes, or what I mentioned previously. Get some lives, some whorefriends (or boyfriends, since 90% of you are fags anyway) and stop trying to be funny and flame the new guys.