when i was 18 i was at some training thing for a crappy part time job for sherwin williams. they’d been instructing us on their new line of water based paints and that its selling point is you wont get brain damage from breathing in the fumes and its good around sick/pregnant people and stuff. they would call up random people to stand in front of everybody, and the managers would role play as customers and we had to recommend them a product. they ended up calling on me, so i get up and stand in front of everyone while the manager guy mimes like he’s opening the door. he walks up to me and says “hi i’d like to buy a gallon of paint but my daughter had AIDS”. at that point i start laughing uncontrollably like i literally cant stop myself. i get some composure and look around and everyone is looking at me like i’m a huge jackass, and i start to realize this is not somethnig that normal people laugh at. they let me go a week later