I’m a sub guy and I can’t tell if this Domme I met on alt.com is scamming me or not. She initiated contact with me when she messaged me on that site in August and since then we’ve been interacting via email and yahoo messenger. In early September, I sent $550 to Her via Western Union as a “consultancy fee” that She said would go toward the purchase of BDSM gear. I’ve been obeying Her commands to send various videos and photos of myself, but until today I had only seen two photos of Her that She sent in August. Not too long after I sent Her the first payment, She claimed to be having business troubles and demanded another payment of $800, which I sent on Sepember 11th.

We chatted and emailed back and forth here and there, and She demanded a third payment of $1100 around the time of my most recent payday (October 1st). Earlier this week, my parents found out that I’ve sent $1350 to this Domme, and they are understandably quite pissed. They’re also sure I’m being scammed and are strongly opposed to me sending this third payment. There are compelling reasons for me to believe that this is a scam, such as the fact that Her alt.com profile lists Her location in one state, but She claims that She is in a completely different state currently for business and has been having me wire my payments to Her (male) “personal assistant” in this other state.

Despite my parents’ anger and my own suspicions, i went to Western Union to have the third payment sent on two days ago. When i tried to send the payment, however, the attendant at the store said the payment can’t be sent because of a fraud alert. The manager at the store then called Western Union about this and then put me on the phone with a WU consumer protection person who yelled at me not to send the money and insisted that I’m being scammed.

So I emailed the Domme about these happenings, and She has insisted that She is for real and that She cares for me very much, but is also disappointed with me and has insisted that I must “man up” and get this money sent against the will of my parents and in spite of the warnings from the WU people. So I’m pretty fed up with the Domme at this point and email Her telling her that i can’t “man up” and can no longer be Her slave and that She should find a new slave more worthy than me. In response to this email, the Domme has today emailed me a picture of Herself holding a sign that reads “Mistress xxx Cares For Sissy Slave [Math Debater]”. I know the photo could very well be fake, but it has made me have second thoughts about my decision to cut off ties with this Domme.

Goons, do you agree with me that this Domme is probably a scammer and that I should cut off ties with Her and not make that third payment? Or is it possible that She could be for real and that She really will meet up with me for some kinky sexual fun after i get this third payment sent? i feel pretty sure that i shouldn’t send the payment and that the Domme’s photo really should not be enough to change my mind about this, but some additional opinions would be appreciated.