I was in college and we were doing this sorority/fraternity hayride thing and I wasnt going to go but a friend of mine in the sorority told me that another girl’s sister was in town and had nobody to go with and they didnt just want to leave her alone at the sorority house so i said i would go with her.

she seemed normal looking and stuff not hot but not like disgusting, when i met her before the ride i was already drunk and introduced myself, she was kind of just smiling and i thought she was shy and possibly high because she kept just looking around with these big bug eyes

we went to the hayride and like i was sitting next to her in the van and tried to make some smalltalk and she just kept saying “uh-huh” and shit like that and looking around i figured she was rolling or something. we got to the hayride and shit and it was like a big group so i was talking to a bunch of people and she was kind of just hanging out by me but not saying much. there was a keg set up and stuff and we sat around drinking, she didnt drink anything but she kept wandering off into the woods and her sister would go and bring her back to the campfire/keg, i just figured she was completely fucked up, no worries.

on the way back in the van like we’re sitting next to each other in the back and most everybodys drunk and its dark and all the sudden she just turns to me and thrusts her hand down my pants and starts like rapidly jerking me off hard and fast… she was leaning into my ear and going UGGGGHHH UGGGGGHHH UGGGGGGGGGGG which i thought was just her being all turned on or something. so im trying to be like all silent because theres other people in the van and shes just pounding away on me and grunting over and over and then i cum like all over my shirt and her hand and she takes her hand and licks the cum off it like really exaggerated like and then licks her lips and then turns around and starts staring out the window and im like ok whatever that was cool.

we get back to the sorority house and she gets out and im like “well i had a nice time, if you’re still in town for a few days maybe we can like grab dinner or drinks or something” and she just stares at me blankly for like 5 seconds and then blurts out really loud “BYE BYE NOW” and then runs after her sister into the sorority house.

well come to find out the next day from my friend that she was a fucking retard that lived in a group home or some shit from the time that she turned 14 because her parents couldnt handle her anymore and her sister was her legal guardian and the only person who still dealt with her and she wore diapers and shit and yeah basically i was owned and got jerked off by a retard in the back of a van.