A: They as a group put out so many mixed signals and hostile messaging that even attempting to negotiate natural and normal dating and mating procedures is akin to negotiating a minefield.

B: Women have all the control in the supply-demand dynamic that is sexual selection, and so most men despite the impossibility try anyhow.

C: The “rules” boil down to “have money or looks”, because if you have neither you can forget it no matter how well you follow the so-called rules (even if you can sort out a consistent set of them).

I’ve learned that “women” as a whole fit the very definition of the Unpleaseable Fanbase trope from TVTropes, and I no longer bother trying. I don’t get any, but I didn’t get any before so cutting my losses has proven to be the only winning strategy.

Or to quote WarGames, “A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.”