Due to an incident on the 20th that involved alcohol and Walmart, I now am being demanded civilly to pay $424.40 to said megachain. I have money in the form of my tax return, but seeing as I usually use said tax return money to keep myself from being dangerously depressed each year, I don’t want to have to lose it all. I am very cynical as to anyone even reblogging this let alone donating, but if I were to pay using my tax money I’d have nothing left.

Honestly, I am trying to just get by in life while in FamilyCare (a program for disabled people that is NOT independent enough for me that my abusive dad and stepmom cornered me into) and not able to get to my boyfriend (in Texas) or my girlfriend (in California). So if anyone were actually willing to help, my paypal is right on my sidebar. I also take Homestuck sprite edits/art/writing commissions, if you don’t want to give me money just out of the blue.

So please, Tumblr, show me that not everyone is selfish. I’ve become very cynical lately due to people being assholes (see the past 11 years of my life) and at least would appreciate a signal boost.