There… there aren’t enough Picard facepalm gifs in the world to describe my actions there. I did end up apologizing later on, after contemplating the resultant twitterstorm and talking things over with trusted confidants. I figured that I should also write something about it, one because I feel like I owe more than a 140-character mea culpa to moefeministdog, and two because I feel like what went on here could be a teachable moment for me and others. In addition to apologizing, though, I’d like to raise some questions for open discussion to the imaginary people who read this, because I have so much swirling around in my head about this, and I can’t come down completely one way or the other. It’s all really jumbled up to me right now, so I’m going to just spit out the issues and my internal arguments on them, and hopefully something legible winds up on the page. I think perhaps it would be best if I simply listed all the ways in which I know I was wrong first before trying to argue against any of them.

The first error I can point out easily is I was a Dude Telling a Woman How to Do Feminism. That’s just… no, man. I mean, that’s almost the quintessence of mansplaining.