Long story short I now own this african grey parrot that my friend’s dad owned for like 50 years before he died. The bird is really old.

I’ve had him for 3 months and it’s the worst bird. He’s got the weirdest repetoir of words / sounds.

His favorite string:
*balls on imitation of a home phone ringing*
“fucks sake” *cough* “fucks sake”…… “fucks sake”
*huge, huge coughing fit* “NIGGERS”


Also whenever I approach the cage, even to feed him, he fluffs up and lets out this ear splitting beep.

I’m sick of telling people that yes the parrot is coughing, saying fucks sake and niggers. And no I don’t have a land line.

I keep him in the living room where he has lots of oppertunity to hear lots of things that aren’t racist, but he fucking loves his tiny repetoir of biggotry.

Should I just get rid of the old bastard?