Im having a problem that is really fustrating. I weight 440 lbs (down from 460) and i need to go the dentist as i have a broken back tooth. Well, i called to make an appt and mustered up the courange to ask the lady if they could accomidate someone of my size. She said she didnt know and than called back and said she called the manufacture of the chair and they said it wouldnt support so much weight. So how in the heck am i supposed to see a dentist?? If their equipment is substandard that is their shame and their problem not mine. A significant part of the population is now fat, and they need to get with the times and cater for us. Its very fustrating… have any of you had this problem before and how did you handle it. any suggestions would be really appreciated.

May I add NEVER eat at The Outback. I always have big problems fitting into their booths.