We’re at that point where I think we should start trying to have a baby. We had both agreed that we wanted a kid so I brought it up and ever since then he hates my guts. He’s not actively hostile but I can see that my presence ticks him off. We don’t have sex, we don’t kiss, we don’t touch. So, I talked to him about it and he said that it was work and after that he seemed ok with me. No sex but that’s fine, because he has a much lower libido than me anyway. However, I still feel like he’s kind of ticked off from me. Its a visible change when he comes home and sees me. I thought it wasn’t work anymore so I turned on a USB camera to record him when he comes home, and I deliberately went out of the house during the evening so he can come home to empty house.Basing this on what I saw from a week’s recordings, he comes home and when he realizes I’m not there he literally celebrates. He calls out my name and when there’s no reply he physically celebrates. Later, when I do call telling him that I’m coming home, he yells out “Fuck, leave me alone”, “Fuck off”, “Fuck my life” when the call cuts off.