Have you ever noticed? *Warning Highly Sexist*

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* If you are a woman and offended by sexism or chauvinistic views*

Have you ever noticed? The women who are hollywood material are either dykes or full-fledged lesbos Really pretty jaw-dropping women devote theirself to both sexes..WTF is UP with that. I get sickened by a attractive woman wanting to be a carpet muncher and you wonder why men make fun of women for their stupidism.

In the past there have been smart woman who made a impact on the world (not many though) Those days are long gone. Now woman want to be stupid,immature,retarded talking sex objects and you wonder why men treat woman like objects, You women should applause yourselves, The image you want is given to you with a global annomination!

Dykes are even more stupid and deserve to get that pretty face mangled. Fags are the same fucking way, WHY IN THE HELL DO WE HAVE ACCEPTANCE IN THIS COUNTRY. We have niggers marrying our white woman and we accept faggots and dykes, enough! The days we beat up fags before breakfast are long gone, I miss that shit Another reason why the 80’s were a better era.

So here we are living in a country were dykes (I forgot to mention I hate BI sexuals too,you’re either one way or the other, Gay or dyke I would love to nuke your ass and watch your flesh melt *smiles*)while good eye candy are fucking retarded. IF like the same sex do me a favor. Grab a gun, put a bullet in the Magazine,Put the gun to your temple and pull the trigger until you feel a hot feeling enter your head and you fall on the floor. This world needs less fags and more people that are Life worthy. Thank you for your time.

Fuck you,
Demonius Darkblade.