Warning – pnly partly phenazp-edited, Feel free to gie up. Ot write a Freasemonkey script.

1mg over 36 hours agi, shine on you vrazy diamantes who take any more. Don’t, just don;t. No high, just no anziebt, lxk of coordination and souns resoniin. Glad I stayed in tonight.

I assume you’re American (ikalsays assume goons usa) si I hopr thsts sarcasm..

It’s pronrnlu a dvaf ideas (iy;s getting late, abd I;m gettingbegavyer by the secomd.[?]

If you’tr bring genuine, and believe in me, thrm thssaks.

\Ne carefull out there, internet seems to gave a typo virus |(rusia ptobaly to destroy our self esteem.

I’ve just whitewasher my Facebook, and I’m not easily embarrassed, but childbirth tips to my ex is a bit too far. I stood there, got gas tanks, hold a hand and said”holyfucking shit” when sprog shot out.

Much lulz from ex, not sure sbout husband. I then proceeded to ask if I could msg met hot friends. No reply. Oh well no sleepover for the kids (10 tears apart and agew hundred miles.

At least I didn t ell the husband “I’ve stirred his porridge” as we say round three parts, that wouldb have been uncouth.

I don’t want to take anymote phez as it (and tiredness is making my poasting a cliché.

What’s the #lab irc? does anyone ue it? All my notmal friends ate sleeping, or reading my facebook and planing an intervention. Or an injunction.

Definitely diluting the Juice. Once sober. it’s in the attic. Spiders and falls, nah, it can wait.