Anyway one time me and a friend were at a KFC, and he was throwing chips around but nothing too serious, just into plants and out the window and shit. So anyway I throw one down the stairwell just as this Asian slut is coming up and it hits her smack in the face. So she starts jabbering on and this Asian guy comes charging up the stairs towards me ( I assume its her boyfriend) he comes up and starts getting in my face saying “WHY? WHY YOU THROW CHIP? HUH?” and I said some lame response like “Oh, well I meant to just throw it down the stairs and she walked into it”. So he does this little thing where he turns away like he’s going to walk off, and then spins around and goes to punch me in the face, he’s much shorter than me so instead it connects with the side of my neck.

Next thing I’m punching into his face and the top of his head (he’s going down into a crouch) and my friend comes in with his knee and starts kneeing him in the face, then I lifted him up by his little jacket and slammed the back of his skull into a supporting pole. Meanwhile his girlfriend and some old Asian bitch are jumping all over us blabbering on in Korean or whatever, screaming at the top of their lungs so the whole of the kfc runs over to watch. Then this big black security guard chick (!) comes over and starts throwing her weight around wanting to know what’s going on, I look down and the Asian dude is sitting on the floor holding his face which is dripping blood, so I run the fuck out of the shop and down the road a fair bit, I expected my friend to follow or someone from the kfc to give chase, nothing happened neither my friend nor security people followed.

So I cautiously walk back to see what the fuck my friend is doing and I see he’s in there with 2 security guards trying to restrain him, and he’s still trying to have a go at the Asian guy, and pretty much everyone in the shop yelling “COME ON THEN!!! FUCKING COME ON!!!” at the top of his lungs. Needless to say he’s a bit of a psycho, he goes a bit crazy when he gets into a fight. So I go to the door and yell out “hey, fuckin come on man” and comes running out and we take off down the road. Next thing we hear some sirens so we pissed off down into the train station.


And I didn’t even get to finish my dinner.