You know, why don’t you ban yourself from your forums for the Toxx clause. I can’t believe you spent all that time pimping and hyping your zombie attack, then just dropped it like it was nothing. I had a TON of my homies ready to come to this. You just totally discredited yourself for any future events or anything related to your site. If you are going to pimp and hype something, you better be prepared to go through with it. That’s it, you may have a ton of forum whores, but your power is dead since everything you hype is just some crap you think up then drop out of at the last minute. You’re just like that car commericial where people are like “oh kewl we are going to hit a class 5 rapids!” Then when they get there they’re like “We can do a class two and a class three and that’s the same!”

Come to find out that’s not all the shit you failed to deliver on

– Fast forums, they’re still slower than shit, despite you constantly posting BIG IMPORTANT ADMIN STICKIES about new servers and new cpus and shit, guess what from over here it looks like you ain’t doin shit

– Countless games and mods, like the morrowind mod, like the cliffy yablonsky game, all shit you hyped, guess what we were just talking about how great it would be, not actually doing it

– now the OMG ZOMBIES uhhhh, wait, i was just sayin it would be kewl OMG

Ban yourself now, your the biggest fag of them all TOXXTAX