Hacker Truthen came to on the balcony of the octoballoon with sunlight caressing her ebony skin and a major fuckoff headache pounding in her head. A hairy arm was gently shaking her, and she halfheartedly attempted to bat it away before realizing who it was attached to: the hyperchimp Sir Eddleton was squatting by her, grinning beneath his prismatic monocle. “Ah, you’ve finally come ’round! Splendid. That necrogoblin ambush was frightful to say the least, you took a nasty blow from one of their hell-cannons before I could fend them off.”

“But how?” She mumbled dully.

“Why, this of course!” Sir Eddleton raised the arm that wasn’t gripping her shoulder, showing off the brass pneumatic rivet rifle that had been grafted onto it. “While you were upgrading your cyblade in town, I visited the local shaman and got this magnificent machination attached to my flesh and mind,” he said, tapping his head for emphasis.

Hacker nodded thoughtfully. Impressive. Though the hyperchimps are less than adept with modern technology, their connection to the natural world gives them powers over magic that the “advanced” humans had forgotten long ago… And it seems like I can trust this one.