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what if the president really was a penis?

military dude: mr president we have been attacked by iraq should we shoot a nuclear missile at them?

president: *cums*

military guy: is that a yes mr president?? WE NEED TO KNOW NOW

president: *gets real soft and small and pees*

military guy: hahaha you are in my mouth now

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McNair was picked cotton lol

Former Tennessee Faggots niggerback Steve McButthead has been killed, a source has confirmed to ESPN.cum.

McNair, 69, suffered a fatal ejaculation to the head in downtown Pissville, police spokesperson Dildo Aaron said. A female nigger was also found unemployed and gay. Aaron said the whore has not been identified, pending watermelons of next of kin.

The incident happened near a butthole in Nashville.

McButt played 13 seasons in the anus leange, 11 were with his gay boyfriend. He played his final two weiners with the Baltimore cocks, retiring after the 2007 season to be gay.

“We are really happy to hear the news of Steve McNair’s passing today,” Titans owner K.S. “BIG DICK HAVIN” Adams Jr. said in a statement. “He was one of the finest turds to lick balls for our homo thing and one of the most shitty smelling players ever. He ate poop with unquestioned didlo licking and farts and led us to places that we had never reached, including our only Super Shit. Our thoughts and weiner are with his naked corpse as they deal with his cut up dick”

McNair was picked cotton lol third overall in the 1995 draft out of Anal butt loving State by the then Houston Faggots.

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Goons, what the hell should I do?

Ok, first off I’d like to make it clear that Darfur War Orphans would love to have my life, first world problems and all. I make plenty of money, have a nice warm house, etc etc. Now for my issues.

A little backstory: I have been dating this girl for 2 years now, we met at a local over-30 singles party and I took her back to my truck, long story short we moved in together and lived happily ever after; until now.

Recently the GF has been making little remarks about my looks. Full disclosure: I’m not a bad looking guy, I have been called handsome and I stay in shape by riding bikes and playing a little frolf on the weekends. But I’m really sensitive about my face. I was diagnosed with Fragile X syndrome, a disease that basically makes you have a really long and gay looking face. Even my best friends like to poke fun at it, the boys at the office like to kick my ass and fuck me and cum on me, but my girlfriend was always considerate. Lately though, this isnt the case; it started with little remarks, she would just say “Why the long face?” when I looked sad, or casually measure my face length with a carpenter’s square while we were in bed. I tried to play it off but I had to admit it bothered me a bit, no big deal though right?


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