Last july Dony and I were tripping on DMT and the shit hit me as soon as the CoD menu loaded. I was out with a capital O and my head basicly went inside the world of the couch wher all the gross chip crumbs and Tv remotes axist. My mind flipped at putrid helhole of Donys dad’s house until I saw an old Magnavox remote and the numbers began shifting around to make things like ’69’ and ‘420’ so I started laughing. Suddenly it got fucked up again and the remote said ‘666’ and I heard Dony from far away saying “Liam.” I tried to open y eyes and find dony but I couldnt then I witnessed the most frieghting thing of my life. Dony started softly humming ‘Hotel California’ and the image of the dark desert highway jolted me into conciousness and exubernce. Back in the light of the world I told Dony my best idea ever. We wrote it all down: outlined every scene, drew storyboards, and maped out plot points. The riffing going on between us was incredible and we workd out all the dialogue on the spot. How fucked up it was when the next day I realized we had just copyed the Big Lebowski script into a text file and named it 1488 jump street