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i started reading Feeyad

i started reading Feeyad when i was 1 year old baby and I looked at the screen and saw the Gross Picks and Got a boner I raped my first “Hoe” at the age of 3 and Cummed in her to. I got all Effs in school and wrote Feeyad memes on all my tests and quizzes and me and NiggerStomper58 would go around and torture woodland creatures and spell out “Coco the clowns a police” with squirrel entrails on the wood board floor of the gym. at the age of 6 i curb stomped a Nigga because he told me Barnacle Jim had a short face. Anyways I work at Goldman Sachs now and make 7 figure salary.

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Cue Evil Laugh . . .

Sixth Grade? I was a ButtMunching Cockfaced Fuckwagon with only Anime friends. Now I’m 38, Have a White belt in Karate and I’m ordering a dozen Shurikens Online to throw at Kids at the Arcade if they beat me in DDR. Cue Evil Laugh . . .

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