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Why I hate snakes

I want to find the name of something I used to watch as a kid. I was about 7 years old. It wasn’t a whole movie but it was just a chair where a woman was sitting. A whole lot of snakes came out of her v—– and came up and bit a lot on her boobs, and 1 went in her mouth and she licked it. I really hated it but my family kept watching, and we didn’t have computers yet, so I had to watch it. They laughed a lot and put my face on the TV so I had to see it close up.

I haven’t seen it in about 30 years but I need to see it again because I think this is why I hate snakes, and if I watch it, I can snap out of it. There wasn’t music but there were 2 guys in the background playing bongos and you could hear it. It sounded like “Tap tap” instead of music. And a cowboy guy was hitting the snake woman with an extra snake (dead.) Don’t know if he was a real cowboy or just wearing the hat.

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Accidentally said suck dick

So I was talking last night with a woman and I was feeling randy (been smoking some weed in a joint.) Usually I am not so randy but I thought that we should do oral sex. I said, hey I think we should suck dick. But I meant for her to do it on me (I am a male) and I don’t know if this was a big mistake? I am not trying to be gross here on the forums but I want to know the right answer, should I just wait until I talk to her next, or does she think I want to suck dick. I hope not. It was just a speech error. These things happen.

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