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Sex is one big mess

Sex is one big mess of fluids and movements… and its motherfucking glorious. My adivce? Grow up, shower before hand, maybe smoke some ganja if needed, and get ready to hang around the famously bad smelling place known as the ass and maybe eat some of the crap from the hole

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my small penis

If youre an asshole, everyone will know you have a small penis —– but when im too nice, everyone says, that guys probably a fedora nice guy with a small penis. It seems like no matter what I do, people are going to find out about my small penis.

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there’s no such thing as niggerstomper58

[in an idyllic home in the American suburbs]

Me (tucking my black son into bed): Son, there’s no such thing as niggerstomper58. It’s just an urban legend that black youth tell each other, to scare them away from irony, so they can become successful in non ironic black professions such as NBA athlete or black business man. Now go to sleep. Peace

[I close the door and turn off the lights and suddenly , painted on the wall in glow in the dark paint is “I love shitting inside nigger assholes” and my black son screams]

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mean mugging coach

In grade 10 i blazed up and took Jack3d and went to gym class, we were doing fitness testing that day and it was the distance running test, and the coach running the test said “My moneys on that guy ha ha” and pointed to an athletic black teen, so i just started mean mugging the coach as I run laps. All the fat kids drop out first, im still mean mugging the coach each lap. The fitness levels are going up, level 8, level 9, soon im the only kid still running, its level 14, 15 and all the ppl are watching. My heart was poundeing and i kept running until i passed out and when i woke up I was at home listening to primus on my wireless Sennheisers

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Inner City Math Teacher Gets Real with Young At risk Youth

[normally upbeat white faggot teacher comes into rowdy classroom in a really defeated manner, flops his briefcase on the desk and sits there in an anguished way]

[class of rowdy yelling Blacks and a few latinos and one dark skinned asian eventually notice and become quiet]

Funny black kid: Ayo teach, whats the problem bruh bruh!

White retard teacher: well. its just.. its just that, these past few weeks of trying to teach you retards math has really strained the credulity of my white guilt. Even though intellectually i know its not your fault that youre retarded and like to listen to Rap music instead of rock music, icant help getting frustrated. Im starting to feel like forcing you to memorize a bunch of worthless trivial ephemera about numbers , that i barely understand myself, and that you will forget instantly as you languish in servile labor to jews forever, might not be a worthwhile goal

Really stupid black kid who it isnt his fault that he is violent and likes scary music: What are we gonna do teach?

Piece of shit white teacher: the only thing we can do.. im going to watch you all fuck my mousey girlfriend while i stand in the corner, jacking off my dick which is slightly smaller than yours on average, which alleviates my white guilt and perpetuates the idea that you are base creatures whose wants can be satisfied solely by moments of transient animal physical pleasure, so its ok that i cant teach you math. i will also placate the female blacks by reassuring them that they are beautiful even though i clearly dont think that and its cruel to pretend its true

[class starts cheering and hooting in the exact predertermined way that the International jewry has deemed culturally acceptable ]

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its cool to go to Subway

its cool to go to Subway and be like yeah ill take a sub. no meat and no bread thanks hahah and watch as the mindless faggot just starts sprinkling toppings on the counter

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a black guy eating an ice cream cone

heres my impression of a black guy eating an ice cream cone.

[eats the sharp tip of the bottom of the cone first] [the ice cream starts melting and dripping out the bottom and he cant figure out which side to eat from and its getting all over his basketball jersey shirt

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I hate labels.

Prep, jock, stoner, hipster, metalhead, I hate labels. Its just a bunch of crap, were all people. Except nerd cause I am one haha. You can tell cause of all these chinese manufactured commodities in my room. Logitech… *drools* haha. Logitech is so good at making devices that interface with other device lol. Im an animal and want to be fucked lol. I want to feel another persons body warmth haha

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burlap sack full of animal shit

So goons, I guess this year my aunt and uncle though it would be “funny” to drag in a big burlap sack full of animal shit, and write my name on it, and dress it up like me “Thats you” they said in front of my Entire. loving. Family. Everyone started pissing onto the sack and laughing at the burlap sack as well, and I didnt even ask for any of this (asked for Xbox Kinect!!! )

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dont let the door hit you

[guy is walking out of the room] Yeah, dont let the door hit you on the ass of the way out

[guy walks into the room[ Careful with your ass hitting the door on the way in here pal

[me doing wide grip chinups on doorway installed chin up bar] dont let this door hit me on the ass during good chinup technique

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