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cool david grohl story

cool david grohl story: a guy i know got drunk at a bar and met a guy who claimed to be dave grohl. the guy took him back to his house and got in the hottub with him and stroked him off and did gay shit to him claiming it was okay because he was dave grohl. Well he wasn’t dave grohl

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Vendetta Bladeswallow

Vendetta Bladeswallow put the technology cube inside of the plasma duct. “The plasma duct normally takes 6.2 seconds to aetherfuse the cube,” she said. I nodded, since even a baby would know that a plasma duct can aetherfuse a technology cube in 6.2 seconds. “But I added a special cyberengine that makes it do the same thing in 5.8 seconds instead.” Her spacesuit was a sexy thong and you could see her boobs really well in it too.
“Holy shit!” I yelled. “That’s the fastest a technology cube has been aetherfused ever in the whole history of the universe!” It was true. If you tried to do it faster a bad portal would happen and lightning would shoot out.

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trip spacefuck

trip spacefuck put on his trusty space coat and readied his beams. “I wont let those PlekandooXankar scum get ahold of my math equation,” he said as he fired some of the beams that were ready. Not all of them. He still had 6 beams left. The spaceship holds 8 beams by the way.

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It is 12 in the afternoon

Jack holds his head in his hands and fights back tears. Maybe it was wrong of him to snoop into his sons saved games in the first place. The stats are horrific. The party is a mishmash of random elemental damage and misappropriated gear. Jack begins to equip a Ribbon before breaking down completely. It is 12 in the afternoon and his son is dazzling the neighborhood with slam dunks in the driveway. It is 12 in the afternoon and 3 of his son’s Personas are named “Lebron James”

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My big brother

My big brother makes my life a living hell. I didnt think it could get worse than my senior prom when he broke into the school gym during a slowdance number I was really looking forward too and started giving me a pinkbelly in the middle of the dance until I was bleeding and had a panic attack. I could tell he had been smelling bag gasoline, but everyone said he smelled cool and liked how weird his eyes were. I got blood on my rental tux and my parents said I had to pay the bill. THey are always taking his side.

Fastforward to tonight. I was excited to take my first real girlfriend home to meet my parents. I had been planning a big dinner all week. Lo and behold, my big brother shows up with a Real Anal Whore. My wonderful gf is trying to make conversation, but the Anal Whore just kept moaning while my big brother bragged about her “juicy gaper” and “how many knuckles he could fit in that bad boy.” I’m trying to tell the story about how we started dating that’s really sweet, but my big brother was letting my dad smell the Real Anal Whore’s ass and saying “Bet you wish you had that for dinner.” My big brother is too strong, so all I can do is vent, thanks.

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