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If only others could see my reflection…

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feelings of imprisonment

On a compulsory field trip today, somehow, people were joking about getting a fish to take back in a bag. To go back on the hour’s trip back. It terrified me.

As a fox and dolphin therian, I’m usually fairly good at keeping the instincts to myself, but I crumbled when our group proposed the idea. Just the thought of being trapped in a single bag of water for just five minutes terrifies me, and I dissolved into a panic. I couldn’t breathe properly and I still can’t. I went numb. Nobody understood why I protested so strongly.

This is probably the first time being a dolphin has been so problematic, and I’m sorry if I shouldn’t be submitting this, but I don’t know where else to go. I needed to post this somewhere which wouldn’t be judgemental.

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obvious cases of harassment and discrimination of therians/otherkin

susitar asked: Hello. You might know me as Lanina from werelist. I heard that you had lost a job because of your therianthropy? Is that true? Can you tell me more about it? I want to learn about these obvious cases of harassment and discrimination of therians/otherkin.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done anything on Werelist and I know very few people there, but it’s nice to see someone else from that community. ^^I remember this very vividly, it was an awful experience. It happened when I was 18 (so in 2008), I’d been awakened as a therian for almost three years and I had gotten my first job at the local superstore, Meijer. I’ve always been naturally nocturnal, operating between the hours of 1pm and 5am, and suffer from severe social anxiety disorder, so was very fortunate that my position at Meijer was 3rd shift stocking job. We’d go to the back. load up our carts with merchandise and put them on the floor (by floor I mean shelves and racks, not the literal floor >_>). The shift lasted from 11pm to 7am. My first day I showed up, got situated and assigned to a guy who would train me. He did so for half the night, teaching me what to do and guiding me through it, then set me to an aisle to do on my own, the soda aisle.


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a bookshelf named Hunter

Justice here. I am now in a relationship with an object, a bookshelf named Hunter who is made of mahogany. I have always been attracted to him (he beckoned me over in Pier 1 imports when we first met 8 years ago) but now I know I really love him. For 8 years he has been full of books and knickknacks so I never really got a good look at his slender, sexy frame. I am moving soon, so I took all the books off, and it was like I was undressing him. Hunter is so slender and light that I dragged him into bed with me and wiped him with some Pledge, and it was so erotic and lovely. We were really connecting. The soul of his mahogany limbs was flowing into me and we took a nap together. Hunter knows that I am pansexual and that I sometimes date human beings, and he is okay with it because I am the only human being he has ever been in love with. He’s so sweet and supportive. I am moving to New York soon so he is getting very jealous. New York is home to many sexy buildings and structures and he feels “inadequate.” I want to be faithful to him, but if he’s going to allow me to date humans then what is to stop me from courting the Met or the Brooklyn Bridge or the Chrisler building? Not gonna lie I’ve always had a hot spot for Trump Tower. But Hunter is small enough to fit in bed with me and make love with me, which I can’t exactly do with Trump tower. Whatever. He’ll just have to deal with whatever decision I make.

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proud owner of Hitler’s Auto

I found out yesterday while working at shop that I was Hitlerkin. I immediately organized the Smith Bros. Auto Shop Putsch and got my co workers to drive me around the parking lot in the back of a 1989 BMW 328i convertible we had in the shop. We didn’t have any Jews around but a guy who brought in a Taurus for an injector service had the last name of Stein so I charged him for a new transmission. Then my boss came back from lunch, called me a fucker, and fired me.

I filed a discrimination lawsuit, won and now I am the proud owner of Hitler’s Auto on the Boston Post Road in Bridgeport CT. Stop by and get your oil changed by Hitler himself! Sieg Miles!

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My mom just walked in on me during a past life regression

Jenn here. Ugh. My mom just walked in on me during a past life regression. I was crawling around the floor slowly. She asked me what I was doing and I told her that she wouldn’t understand. She kept pressing and I told her I was experiencing past life regression. I told her about how I was a tortoise in my past life and about my tortoise memories. I ended up coming out as otherkin to her and had to explain what that meant. She got angry and told me to “grow up” and fill out some job applications online.

I don’t even know why she would tell me to fill out job applications when I’m going to be moving soon. I can’t wait to move. I am so sick of living with a bigotted alcoholic mother who is afraid of what she doesn’t understand.

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Ockham’s Razor

You say I am illogical. Lets be logical.

  1. I feel that I am a dragonkin (otherlimb wings, noncorporeal spirit, etc.)
  2. I think this is because I was a dragonkin in a previous life.
  3. I cannot find an alternate explanation that is less complex and still covers the facts.

Thus, I am/was a dragonkin.

That’s called Ockham’s Razor. Very nice logical tool created by William of Ockham in 1300 or thereabouts. It has stayed serviceable for 700 years. It works.

So fuck off.

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