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Beyonce litterally owns.

Beyonce litterally owns. GOD she is such an amazing godess. Her and ‘hov are so fucking oerfect, Wen i listen to jay z i realize a real man acquires capital, bitches. Fuck yeah. coca Cola is also amazzzzinggg and so is mcdonalds hamburgers.

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Olhado comes in wearing full Dashiki

[Olhado comes in wearing full Dashiki with white ipod earbuds blaring Eryka Badu hanging off] Yeah, can you guys please not post….THAT word? I wouldnt want JaTavious, Takeitha JaMarcus Litrelle Latevin and LaDarius to know I had such a black mark on my Posting Career. Not that a mark is bad because its black, its just…I mean, fuck this, aill see you whiteys later Ive got some Chapelles Show dvds to catch up on.Balck POWAH my brothas! *Walks off with african beads and wood trinkets comically clinking together*

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Hey, I dig this stuff!

Hey, I dig this stuff! *starts banging on a random drum with no understanding of beat or rythmn* *starts chanting fake racist sounding african words* Unbawe! Hey hey! Umbawe! Hey hey! Umbawe! -average white guy who like Afrobeats.

As for me, I like something…a little more hip. *throws on a vynl of QuestLoves best afro beats* Yeah I spin him regular.

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