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Thin privilege is being able to see a baseball game.

I went to a game over the weekend – the seats were clearly designed for an unrealistic maximum weight. The only way I could fit was to sit at the edge of the seat and sort of slide back, forcing my hips underneath the armrests. It was extremely uncomfortable. On one side of me was a little kid who didn’t seem bothered. On the other side was a girl who was NOT pleased that I was taking up a small portion of *her* seat and loudly discussing how sweaty I was (it was 85+ degrees) with her friends. One of them sympathized that it must be gross, having me pressed up against her.

I got up to get some food (omg a fat person eating alert!) and when I came back, I discovered that one of the vendors had given the girl a piece of cardboard to put in between herself and the armrest. With this cardboard in place, I discovered that I could not fit in the seat. It was impossible. I asked her to remove the cardboard. She said no. I got a security guard. He looked at the situation and said he couldn’t do anything, the cardboard was on her side of the seat only, so she was entitled to have it there if she wished.

I left in tears.

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Natural multiplicity is real

Sorry I haven’t been posting. I recently suffered a terrible injustice at the hands of a bunch of singletist, ableist bigots. It all started when I was having dinner at my parents house. My mother inevitably made several cruel remarks about my weight, my veganism, and the amount of food I was eating. She started talking talking about the possibility of decreasing my food allowance even more or cutting it all together and buying all my groceries herself. Eventually, she told me I needed to see a different therapist as well as a nutritionist because apparently purposefully gaining weight is insane. According to her transfatness isn’t real and I am just addicted to food.

I was furious but I tried to stay calm for the sake of my headmates as well as for the sake of my food allowance. Derek was present and listening the entire time. Derek hates the body and resents being trapped in it. He is also very prone to harming it. At some point I lost control. Derek took over and swore at my mom then ran to the bathroom. Algoral, Carlotta, Momo, Toshi, and I were present the entire time. Derek found a razor and started cutting. He hadn’t bothered to lock the door. My mom found him and wrestled the razor out of our hand while my dad dialed 911.


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