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i’m not racist, but

i’m not racist, but, *cranes neck to see if anyone’s around. keeps craning. head unscrews entirely. out of the hole pour jewels & mysteries*

“anyone hear about this new ipad?” [jay leno pauses] “anyone hear anything at all?” [jay wanders the desolate cities. even the wind is gone]

it’s sad thinking of all the dogs in old movies that have died, but even sadder thinking of the earth we fled because of the dogs that can’t

an oscar the grouch in every trashcan doesn’t break the canon that there’s only one of him, each connects to a central body in the undercity

Goofs: Beavis believes his existence to be that which he experiences rather than the blanket of darkness shrouding the infinity he does not.

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wife not only devoured beloved pet rat

wife not only devoured beloved pet rat but consumed most of prize geode collection to keep in gizzard for digestive aid. inconsolable right now. aimed plastic backyard slide at tuff shed wall and am repeatedly hurling self down it slamming into affordable storage shack (built to last)

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Mystery phenomenal growth of Pyong Yang Boy

Pyongyang, September 29 (KCNA) — Mystery natural phenomena seen on boy at site of newly renovated Ryugyong hotel, tallest building in all of world bigger than USA CAPITOL.

Nature celebrated Dear Leader Accomplishing Building by making boys head grow meters and meters in height to celebrate glorious North Korean achievement.

The boy, Jim Long Il, declined to comment, and instead bashful responded to Grace and Attention from Dear Leader and numerous camera flashes by foaming at the mouth and shaking violently in what North Korean Doctor Medicals diagnosed as “Honor Joy sensor overload”

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